Wild cats of the world

When we hear the word wild cats we imagine wild nature, a deep jungle with lots of beasts there and mainly lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc. I will reveal a secret to you now. Ready? Wild cats are not necessarily jaguars or leopards, there is a big number of wild cats that are small in sizes and have cute faces, looking at them, having a quick glance you will never doubt that they are wild and dangerous as they are so cute, oh my god. Let’s discover them together. They are really a lot; Canadian Lynx, Ocelot, Serval, Chinese Desert Cat, Fishing Cat, Caracal, Eurasian Lynx, Sand Cat, Puma, Puma, Flat Headed Cat, etc.

Let’s have a look at Caracals. Very unique species of cats with unique look and behavior. They are also called Caracal Lynx. Average weights is 35-50 pounds. This is the largest African cat and is an exceptionally good climber and jumper. These cats are slim, having average build and long legs with a short, sharply tapered tail. As for its coat, it is reddish-brown. Very peculiar feature is their ears and white spots around the eyes and on its throat, chin, and belly. The sharp ears are specific to this type of cats only.

The most popular places they live is either deserts, scrub, savannahs, mountains or rocky areas of Africa, Arabia, and southern Asia or India. They are excellent hunters and they hunt at night seeking not big animals or birds of all sizes or the kids of grazing animals that are bigger in size.

A very cute cat at first sight may seem Ocelot. Looking like leopard but completely another cat. The original name comes from Latin which is Leopardus. These cats are medium-sized, nice cats having a graceful body, long, powerful legs and a short tail at the same time. The coat is soft creamy yellow with striking center-spotted rosettes of black. The head is marked with black spots and bars. The tail is heavily ringed with a black tip.

Margay is another species that is even cuter and more attractive. This is an endangers species and is in risk of getting extinct quite soon if measures are not taken. This wild cat has a slender, yet graceful body with long legs and a long tail. As for the coat. It is light yellowish-brown with striking dark brown irregular spots, which may form rosettes. The tail is ringed.

You can easily encounter a Margay cat in the forests of the Yucatan and Central and South America. These cats officially reside in these areas and hunts from there every day, high in the trees seeking small mammals, birds, tree frogs, and lizards.

This is a very flexible breed of cats and is definitely the best climber from all the cats on earth. This wild cat easily runs up and down the trees like a small animal be it a squirrel, or anything else. They almost never fall down while making these crazy jumps. They are very flexible, strong, resistant and sharp.

One thing that is a must to remember! Never try to keep these wild cats at home with the hope that they will not harm you or your family member as they are so cute by appearance. They are unpredictable wild animals not able to be domesticated. Their habitat is wild nature where they can handle their hunting skills to their benefit, hut and eat big amounts of raw, bloody meat. Once they become hungry they will see you as a small animal whom they can attack and eat and not starve any more for couple of hours. So never get closer to these wild animals even at zoos.