About Me

Hi everyone!! Let me firstly introduce myself, I am Megan, a lady who cannot live a single second without these cute and adorable, super fluffy and feminine creatures – cats. Cats are my life, a huge part of my everyday life and they make it much more interesting and entertaining so I come out of the mundane things I have to do every day.

I keep 7 cats in my house, and all my children (cats, they are like my kids for me) are friendly with each other like siblings. They never fight and we all play together every day. My cats really love me, so do I. When I come back from work they are sitting at the door waiting for me to come so that they hug my legs. Three of my cats recognize my car noise even, when I am in the street they get so excited jumping around, I know this as I later checked the cameras I have in my house to see if they behave properly while their mom is out.

They accompany me everywhere, I go shower, one of them is always there, sitting calmly and enjoying my presence. They are smart, keeping eye contact with me which is a true sign that they love and trust you. When I am out for rather long time they badly miss me and can’t wait for me to come back. Some people say cats are egoistic, do not need their owners, I can say for sure it is untrue.

They get attached to their owners, place in the room, their residence. Once I took them to my friend’s villa in Spain and my poor cats were so embarrassed, worried, did not find a cozy place for them to settle down. It took rather long time for them to get adapted.