Best Cat Food

As a cat owner you take full responsibility for the pet you adopted and you need to learn all the details about the food cats eat and feed your cat accordingly. You should keep in mind that cats are meat eaters, they prefer to eat plain and simple meat. Protein existing in the meat has a very important role and provides the cat with a strong heart, improves vision and also is responsible for a healthy reproductive system.

You can feed them either with cooked beef, chicken, turkey or, alternatively you can buy special cat food available in the shops and make your cats even happier as this is their favorite bite and they will eat the food eagerly, every meal will become a fest for them. Many people think if this is an animal, it means there is no need to feed it with a high quality food but this is not true, on the contrary, they are sensitive and if you do not want them to have a stomach flu you need to feed the cat with a meticulous attention. Raw or spoiled, outdated meat can easily make your cat sick, so you better avoid it and not feed the cat with every rubbish you want to throw away.

Go on reading the article and I will tell you about my cats’ favorite bite. This special food is in great demand among cats of all ages all over the world. The magic food called Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe is a dry cat food that you can easily find in any supermarket you drop in if you do not have much free time to go to a special cat store.

The price ranges from 20-25$ but at the discount stores or inline shopping you can find it much cheaper. For example, amazon provides you with this item for only 17$, you pay the amount and you have it delivered to your home. The ingredients of the package are very healthy and useful, it contains ocean whitefish and nothing artificial, all natural fish. Oh how much the cats adore fish. Real fish and nothing of a mixture with corn, soy or wheat. No artificial colors, preservatives or chemicals are added here so the cat will enjoy every bite of it and you, as the owner will be satisfied with what you feed it. This is a protein rich food, very healthy and organic.

Another option for your favorite cats will be the food called Natural Balance Limited Ingredient which is also a Dry Cat Food available at the shops with only USD 28.41. This food has a great variety of flavors and is a rich depo of proteins that are necessary at the cat’s life and health. This food will definitely satisfy your cat’s tasting buds. The food provides and ensures healthy digestion and the cat can eat this at any hour of the day, morning or evening. After eating this food, the cat will never have stomach flu or concerns about digestion like diarrhea or another thing like that. This meal contains green pea and in addition some meat of a duck or chicken, or fish – salmon or venison – meat of deer. Actually you choose among these ingredients. The cat will get a balanced nutrition on a daily basis with omega-3and six fatty acids that will provide the cat with shiny and healthy coat. As for the fiber and protein, they are responsible for easy digestion and sustaining energy. You can choose between green pea and chicken option, or green pea with venison, etc., according to what appeals to your cat more. Choose the portion you want to purchase, either 2, 4.5, 5, 8 or 10 pounds.

The third option I will offer for your cute cats is a cheaper one in case you cannot afford the above mentioned types. If your budget is limited, yet you want your cat to eat healthy and nutritious food, you can choose Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Natural Dry Cat food which is a great alternative to the food. This is a high quality food you can give to your more preferably adult cats and not kittens. This is natural meat without any gram of wheat. You will find here salmon or chicken combined with brown rice. The most important thing is that there is no artificial substance in it. Your cat will have a good vision due to the amino acids available there. Sizes can be 3, 6 and 14 pounds.