Best Cat Food

As a cat owner you take full responsibility for the pet you adopted and you need to learn all the details about the food cats eat and feed your cat accordingly. You should keep in mind that cats are meat eaters, they prefer to eat plain and simple meat. Protein existing in the meat has a very important role and provides the cat with a strong heart, improves vision and also is responsible for a healthy reproductive system.

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Wild cats of the world

When we hear the word wild cats we imagine wild nature, a deep jungle with lots of beasts there and mainly lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc. I will reveal a secret to you now. Ready? Wild cats are not necessarily jaguars or leopards, there is a big number of wild cats that are small in sizes and have cute faces, looking at them, having a quick glance you will never doubt that they are wild and dangerous as they are so cute, oh my god. Let’s discover them together. They are really a lot; Canadian Lynx, Ocelot, Serval, Chinese Desert Cat, Fishing Cat, Caracal, Eurasian Lynx, Sand Cat, Puma, Puma, Flat Headed Cat, etc. Continue reading

Best ways to play with your cat

Playing with your cute cat is a real pleasure, believe me. The cat you keep is your real, vital toy. This is not only entertainment both for you and your cat, this is also an interactive playing activity providing valuable exercise for cats of all age groups. Games are essential part of every cat, they cannot live without proper gaming. They will get bored to death and find ways to entertain themselves. I am saying this judging my own cats. Sometimes I come home from work so tired and lie down to sleep, my kittens also lie down so sad and bored, worried about their mommy. Soon, however, they find a way to entertain themselves playing with my feet that I can accidentally move or fingers I might move. Continue reading