Why cats are better than dogs

You have decided for yourself to get a pet to keep at home but still in two thoughts about what to keep? A dog or a cat? They both are cute and common pets people are fond of keeping, aren’t they? I will tell you one thing for sure; cats are much more convenient pets to keep at home compared with dogs and this is why.

A survey done in the United States indicates that there are more cat pets in the US than dogs. Because they are more comfort lovers and neat, clean animals not messing up the house. They are organized and like to sleep so mostly you will see them napping at a daytime than actively running all around the house breaking your favorite items.

They do not occupy much space in a house, they are ok with a small, cozy angle in the room. They only need a soft rug to lie down on and sleep. They are clean animals and if you as the home owner tidy their place regularly and empty the recycle bin you will have no issue with smells or tidying.

Owning a cat is cheaper compared to dogs. They eat less, they need less toys and accessories, less visits to the vet.

You live in a flat? Forget about dogs, do not torture neither you, nor your pet. It’s a proven fact that dogs need a bigger and spare area to live and walk around, run and jump actively. They will get sick if you keep them in a closed area, at home. They need a garden at least to feel good. Or else they will come to you every two hours in order for you to take them out for a walk.

If you are a working person keeping a dog will become a real disaster for you. You will get to work sleepy and with half open eyes as you took your dog out three times during a night. Cats do not cause you this trouble. They are more indoor pets and have no need to be out. You can keep them indoors all the time and they will not get bored or sad. They have their litter box to serve as toilet and they do toilet specifically there, no other place unlike dogs that can do toilet everywhere they see.

They do not need to go out for some fresh air, cats just prefer sitting on the windowsills and looking at the birds flying in the sky. Half open the small window and they will get enough fresh air. They are devoted to their families having high level of loyalty, even if you want to get rid of cat, put it in a box and take somewhere far away after several days you will see the same cat returned to the door and back to you.

Cats are quitter if you have an issue of not disturbing your neighbors. Maybe there are aged neighbors having health issues due to which they need rest and quiet hours. With dogs this will become a problem. We all know that wolves are ancestors of dogs, thus like wolves, they like to howl or bark loudly and with a thick voice. Unlike dogs, cats will just purr when you pet them, or say a soft meow.

That’s it, nothing else. They are silent most of the time, if they have a part of the body that hurts, in that case they will make a noise, other times they are silent. Dogs will annoy everyone with their loud barks, especially those with weak nerves. Cats can get in fights especially when it comes to a female cat or their territory, but this happens to outdoor cats and not the indoor ones as they do not have opponents there. They are the lovely pets of the territory they live in and all the other cats or dogs will be away from it so your cute cat will have nothing to complain of.

Cats will keep mice away. All the cats are hunters by nature and it is impossible that a mouse or other vermin stays around the place where there is a cat.