3 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

You have always thought and dreamed of getting a cat as a pet and never had a chance to accomplish your dream? The right time has come, act fast, you will definitely not regret of what you did. Go on reading my article and find out the great three reasons why to adopt a shelter cat.

1.You will save a live animal

I believe every person is humanitarian inside, wishing to do something good to someone. After facing some mutations do some of us become cruel and evil, the bad side of us arises wanting to do something bad to someone or to an animal. Do not let that bad side to rise and do harm the environment, instead of it every day do something good to the people and animals surround you, feed street animals, birds in the garden, help the poor cats and dogs wandering around the rubbish boxes in the food searching for food in the empty bins. Winter is coming, how will these cute animals survive in the frosty, freezing weather with no food and shelter? Why not adapt a cute cate living in the street and feeling happy being an altruist? By providing a street cat with a care and shelter you will feel much more satisfied and cleansed inside. You will feel holy as you saved a poor cat’s life, made it happy and safe. The kind deed you did will get back to you within a short period of time. Just wait and see that your life will turn upside up again. The cat will become devoted to you and will appreciate it so much.

2.You will not support animal cruelty.

Nowadays this has become a real trouble our world faces, cruelty everywhere, killed animals lying down in the streets or on the corners. This is a real disaster we are facing. I am not talking about the animals that get killed as a result of hunting. I do not criticize this phenomenon of hunting, there are people who are really into it and hunting has become a part of their everyday life. But poor animals have a heart and are live creatures whom we hunt and kill. Why? We cannot get rid of this occurrence, we can just feel happier from the thought of having saved a cat at least. There are special no-kill areas, special shelters where they keep animals, cats as well and do not let the get killed. But they cannot handle all the cats on earth. You can support them with your kind action and the world will be grateful to you. You will rescue an animal, poor powerless creature that badly needs your help. You will also benefit from this as cats are proven to make people happier and their lives more interesting and stress released. They will increase your mood and you will no longer feel isolated from this world or people around you. You see? You do a good thing to an animal and the world responds to you in a more excessive way.

3.You become a role-models for others

People will point at you and not gossip or talk bad about you, on the contrary, they will appreciate your kindness and praise you for the kind deed you did. As a result, your neighbors, friends and relatives will start the same thing as you did, and the chain will gradually spread reaching to the top and we will have more animals having shelters and happier people around. This way you will encourage them to keep a cat as a pet to entertain the kids and not only. They are harmless, especially when you take them to the vet regularly and the cats stays indoors no harm will be caused. No bacteria received from the street animals so no risk of having a contagious disease that will infect either your pet or a family member, be it a kid or an adult. Everyone will be happy and the world will become a happier place to live in.