Best ways to play with your cat

Playing with your cute cat is a real pleasure, believe me. The cat you keep is your real, vital toy. This is not only entertainment both for you and your cat, this is also an interactive playing activity providing valuable exercise for cats of all age groups. Games are essential part of every cat, they cannot live without proper gaming. They will get bored to death and find ways to entertain themselves. I am saying this judging my own cats. Sometimes I come home from work so tired and lie down to sleep, my kittens also lie down so sad and bored, worried about their mommy. Soon, however, they find a way to entertain themselves playing with my feet that I can accidentally move or fingers I might move.

They will start to play with anything they have at sight soon. Keeping this in mind you better take away all the dangerous items there might be like strings, pieces of clothing, plastic bags, olives that can accidentally be swollen by your cat and cause problem to the health as they cannot be digested. Cats are like toddlers. With them as well you need to take away all the needles, seeds, stones from the floor to make sure they will not swallow it by chance. Many people prefer to get a second cat so that they do not get bored and start to play with each other on an average day.

I will give you many reasons to persuade you that playing is really top important. This is why we play with our cats. Playing helps your cat to sharpen his hunting skills, that is to say he becomes a great hunter when it comes to seeking the enemy target, making the stealthy approach, pouncing with conviction, relishing the victory. Besides, this makes the cat move and not sit on one place doing nothing. This replaces exercises, workout and this way the cat keeps a healthy weight, is always fit. Both for you and you cat playing is a positive way to get rid of negative energy or aggression, accumulated in you. Interactive playing strengthens the bond between your cat and you. From the psychological point of view, this helps your pet get rid of being a shy cat and gain more confidence instead.

The cat will easily get adapted to her new house and feel more comfortable and secure. Besides, it is a positive and kind activity that is fun.
Techniques of playing can be up to you, but I, as an experienced cat owner, can teach you how to play better. Very easy game; there are special toys for cats you can buy at the shops, you can keep the special array of toys at hand and rotate actively, watch the cats’ reaction, you will be amazed. You can find balls with bells inside and many other crinkly catnip things. See some items you have there at home as a potential toy, they can be wads of paper, straws, and plastic rings from milk or juice containers. One secret I will release to you. After every play you have it is better to hide away the toys or else the process will become boring for the cat and it can become indifferent.

Alternatively, you can make the toy be like a mouse or a bird that will rise your cat’s curiosity and make it want to discover about the item more and more. Role play, act like the toy is a scared, poor little animal running away from the huge and powerful cat, hiding around the corner or under the rug, maybe freezes. While playing try not to be very active, gentle moves are the best and the most effective. After using the cat’s energy finally let her win and feel the triumph. Of course keep it challenging and do not simplify the whole process of gaming; the cat needs to be in a pursuit. This is what makes a cat’s life more interesting and engaging, they are hunters by nature, their ancestors – wild cats are still hunters and the domestic ones have that skill hidden inside, not dangerous at all. They need to sharpen their hunting skills from time to time.