How to make your cat a part of the family?

I, as an experienced cat owner can tell you that keeping a cat is not that easy. It requires much effort and time but it is definitely worthwhile. If you want to make the adaptation process, period easier and smoother, you need to do your best in order for your cat to feel as a part of the family and behave accordingly. From the first sight cats may seem a little aloof, highly independent or maybe indifferent. You just need to understand their psychology. After that you will realize how friendly and cute they are. I am saying this from my own experience of keeping 7 cats. After the period when she totally trusts you she will show her live and respect towards you, how much she loves you. One thing is clear and proven. Cats feel how you feel about them, if you truly love your cute and fluffy kid then you will get the same. If you have some time to spend with your cat, you will get the feedback at once. How to make sure your cat feels comfortable at your house? These signs will illustrate that your cat simply loves you and feels comfortable with you in her new family.

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