How to make your cat a part of the family?

I, as an experienced cat owner can tell you that keeping a cat is not that easy. It requires much effort and time but it is definitely worthwhile. If you want to make the adaptation process, period easier and smoother, you need to do your best in order for your cat to feel as a part of the family and behave accordingly. From the first sight cats may seem a little aloof, highly independent or maybe indifferent. You just need to understand their psychology. After that you will realize how friendly and cute they are. I am saying this from my own experience of keeping 7 cats. After the period when she totally trusts you she will show her live and respect towards you, how much she loves you. One thing is clear and proven. Cats feel how you feel about them, if you truly love your cute and fluffy kid then you will get the same. If you have some time to spend with your cat, you will get the feedback at once. How to make sure your cat feels comfortable at your house? These signs will illustrate that your cat simply loves you and feels comfortable with you in her new family.

The forehead touch is very important sign, do not ignore this. Even a very short one, a slight touch on the forehead or chin will mean that the cat trusts and loves you.

Mark tail twitching as the second sign of being affectionate about the owner. When you see your cat coming up, walking around with the tail hoisted in the air, the tip twitching back and forth, this is a positive sign meaning she is affectionate about you. The cat is playful, energetic, full of positive vibes and ready to play. I am not saying yet about the purring which can occur while you pet her. This definitely is an ultimate sign of contentment. The cat enjoys when you pet her, sits back and want you to do it more, to spoil her. She likes to be in the center of attention all the time. When they feel unspotted they will feel awkward and will do their best to get more attention from you. She can lick your hair or hand while you are sleeping as the cat’s tongue is the most versatile body part of hers. Their tongue is covered with tiny little barbs which serves as a comb while grooming herself, licking herself. They are clean animals, thus, their favorite daily activity is licking themselves. They spend much time on it. Once she is done with licking herself she will start licking whatever she sees around, be it her casual toys, food dish, bowl, her siblings and what not. Their favorite materials are cotton, plastic, rubber, soft tissues, etc. Be careful not to let her swallow these artificial materials as later they will have digestion issues and you will need to take her to the vet on the worst scenario. They lick in the following four cases; either they need more attention or they are cleansing themselves. Other options can be when your cat just wants to taste something new or she shows her love towards you this way.

This also happens when I am typing something on the laptop keyboard she will feel excited and think my hands are her toys and she starts to play with them, disturbing of course from my work. But I am ok with it, this means my cat feels good and that is the most important thing for me for the time being. Be gentle to these cute and kind creatures and you will get much more back, believe me. Do not let anyone kick them, bit or hit as they will remember it till the end of their lives and be offended and poor. On the contrary, love them, pet and they will behave properly not causing any troubles to you. They are smart animals and sensitive at the same time, they feel everything the way it is. Be kind to them.